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Bobbi Brown

What is beautiful? "Expressive eyebrows, sensual eyes, a bump on the nose," says Bobbi. "It's not about looking perfect. It's about making you look like you, only more beautiful and with more confidence."

Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist from Chicago who in the 1980s delighted the world with her subdued, natural make-up. In 1991, she created a unique make-up cosmetics brand under her own the name, the brand was taken over by Estée Lauder in 1995. All cosmetics created by Bobbi are a response to her life motto. They are not intended to mask imperfections, but to emphasize the advantages, so we will not find flashy colors and shiny brocade in them. This brand is ideal for women who know what they want and want to look natural even in makeup. Bobbi Brown makeup are one of the best makeup brands proven by many beauty influencers and reviewers.

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