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Nature is the keyword to Biotherm cosmetics. It is the cosmetic brand that is part of the L'Oréal cosmetics group, which draws inspiration to create new cosmetic formulas. The history of the Biotherm cosmetic brand begins with the discovery by the French biologist Jeanine Marissal of thermal springs in the Pyrenees.

As a result of the research, thermal plankton was identified, whose beneficial effects on the skin were to be confirmed by tests. It was a turning point in cosmetology at the time. In 1952, the first Biotherm cosmetics hit stores, which in 1955 was appreciated by the New York Times, claiming in its magazine that plankton helps regain beauty. We also owe Biotherm the appearance of tanning cosmetics, which the brand created in 1961. Also in the 1960s, a widely used firming cream and anti-wrinkle cosmetics that use natural ingredients were created. Its offer includes various care products tailored to the needs of many types of skin - day face creams, eye creams and regenerating products.

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