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BioSensual are therapeutic, vegan and aromatic candles made from soy wax. They are ideal for anyone who has a holistic approach to health. The aroma fills the room with a scent and is beneficial to your family's psychophysical health.

Essential oils eliminate viruses and bacteria, and depending on the oils used, they relax, stimulate, calm down, de-stress, calm down and even aphrodisiate. They are safe with children because they do not mound, do not smoke, do not emit toxic substances. The wonderful aroma of natural oils penetrates inside the body along with the breath. In contrast, hot soy wax turns into a wonderful oil that can be used to moisturize hands, feet and body. Massage with warm soy wax relaxes muscles, deeply relaxes, and regular use on the body strengthens the protective functions of the skin. All Biosensual candles and cosmetics are hand-made for the best quality of products.

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