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Big Star

What do you associate the BIG STAR brand with? You probably just answered: with jeans. And you are absolutely right. Perhaps not everyone, however, knows that BIG STAR also offers cosmetics for women and men.

Their offer includes eau de parfum for women and men as well as shower gels. All these products are primarily characterized by unobvious, interesting fragrance combinations. Every woman and every man will find something for themselves among them. Do you prefer delicate, very subtle or rather strong, intriguing and mysterious fragrances? BIG STAR Eau de Parfum is a combination of fruity, floral notes and spices. Created with the utmost care, they will make you love them from the first smell. Just like shower gels, the smell of which stays on the skin for many hours. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience with BIG STAR cosmetics. We warn you - these scents can be addictive.

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