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Bialy Jelen

Bialy Jelen is today a cult brand of hypoallergenic cosmetics, which was founded in the 1920s. It all began with a bar of gray soap "Soap Jelen Schicht", which was created in the 1920s by Schicht-Lever. The plant was established in 1940 in a pre-war carpentry workshop, where the production of chemicals began.

Bialy Jelen offers a wide range of hypoallergenic cosmetics and cleaning products, which are created from safe ingredients and anti-allergenic fragrance compositions that gently wash the whole body, providing care comfort for people with sensitive and prone to allergies skin. The famous Bialy Jelen soap is prepared on the basis of over a century-old recipe. The soap is brewed in a way that has not changed for many generations, while its production uses ingredients that undergo rigorous testing under the control of specialized staff of biochemists and dermatologists. In 2017, the Bialy Jelen brand underwent a major product revolution. New lines of facial care products have appeared, including a luxurious range of face care cosmetics Bialy Jelen Dermo-Natura.

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