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Bentley is a luxury car brand that was born at the beginning of the 20th century. Walter Owen Bentley in 1919 fulfilled his big dream. He created a brand whose task was to produce the fastest and most beautiful car. Lovers of elegant cars do not need to be convinced to perfumes that were created under one banner.

However, not only supporters reach for Bentley perfumes. Masculine, sometimes oriental and sometimes fresh fragrances look great on men's skin. Fragrance pyramids are selected with attention to every detail, and the final effects can positively surprise. This is due to the excellent noses that build the composition. From 2013, Nathalie Lorson, Dorothee Piot and Mylene Alran took part in creating their fragrances. What fragrance notes can you expect? Bentley focuses on modern classics and extracts masculine, aromatic ingredients. Rum, cinnamon, leather, vetiver and sandalwood are ingredients that dance beautifully on the skin.

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