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Ben & Anna

Ben & Anna is an amazing deodorant brand created by a pair of crazy vegans. For many years they have been looking for the perfect deodorant that is vegan, non-animal tested and does not contain aluminum.

Unfortunately, they did not manage to find one, so they decided to create their own, created only from natural ingredients. Their deodorant line also does not contain parabens and other harmful substances. Each of their deodorants is a unique fragrance line that will make you eagerly enter a new day every morning. Ben & Anna deodorants are unisex. Both women and men can use them.

£8.89 £13.20 You save: 32%( £4.31 )
£9.89 £15.60 You save: 36%( £5.71 )
£8.89 £13.20 You save: 32%( £4.31 )

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