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Although Balmain is mostly known for designer clothes, the brand is also appreciated in other areas of fashion. Balmain cosmetics and perfumes are recognized all over the world, and they are considered as exclusive and adding splendour to the person who is wearing it.

Cosmetics by Balmain, also for hair are the next great success of the brand. One of the most desired is Extatic with an oriental and floral scent can be worn both with an elegant attire and high heel shoes as well as rock leather jacket and sportswear. A lot of products are dedicated to hair and in Roxie Cosmetics a lot of them can be bought. There are conditioners, styling creams, revitalizing and moisturizing hair serums, shampoos for all types of hair as well as hair perfume sprays mentioned before. In the offer there are also some sets for daily hair care, and one of them consists of a brush coated with gold made of bristles, a hair conditioner spray and revitalizing and nourishing serum.

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