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ARTDECO is a German company specializing in the production of high quality makeup cosmetics. ARTDECO not only with its name, but also with its products refers to the Art Deco trend, i.e. the eclectic artistic style that began in the 1920s in Paris. This style had an impact on every art: architecture, interior design, fashion, jewelry, painting and film.

Today, the ARTDECO brand combines various concepts so that it is one of the more unique companies in the cosmetics market. The most important feature of ARTDECO is also constantly following the latest trends and tendencies in the fashion world and creating them. The quality of the company's products is evidenced by the fact that cosmetics are manufactured in Germany with the highest standards, as well as awards that the company has made, including Beauty World Cup 2005. ARTDECO's offer includes not only foundations, concealers and mascaras, but also anti-aging cosmetics, foot and hand care, manicures and pedicures, and many, many more.

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