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Ardell is a world-famous American cosmetic brand specializing in a wide range of artificial eyelashes both in a bar and tuft version. High quality and precision of workmanship made Ardell products loved by women and make-up artists around the world.

Around 1920, actress Seena Owen shocked the world with her eyelashes reaching down to the cheek, which was the main inspiration for the Miller brothers. In 1971, Arnold and Sydell decided to create an accessory line for women who wanted to emphasize their eyelashes and increase their volume in a way similar to Seena. The company was registered under the name Ardell and launched the Duralash Individual series, which offered women maximum eyelash volume. The brand immediately gained publicity and success, and its good run continues until today. Individual models are developed to perfection, so we can match them to the shape of the eye and individual expectations, as well as occasions.

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