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3LAB is a world leader in technologically advanced cosmetics. Extremely effective and extremely luxurious skin care. 3LAB cosmetics combine beauty and science, nature and technology to make unique line of cosmetics.

Each ingredient and each recipe is created in its own research and development department, which draws its ideas directly from nature. In cosmetics, they use only the highest quality ingredients that work on the skin most effectively and give the best effect. The exceptional effectiveness of their cosmetics is guaranteed by highly technologically advanced ingredients such as Apple Stem Cell Technology, i.e. the raw material obtained from the Swiss apple variety that does not darken when cut. Also present in many cosmetics 3LAB Complex X-50 Intelligent Targeting Device Technology is a system for transporting substances into the cell, so far only used in pharmacy. There are many groundbreaking complexes such as Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex and Marine Repair Complex in 3LAB cosmetics.

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