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Different woman, different perspective and different nails. There are a lot of women who love long nails. Fashion for long, pointed nails appeared decades ago, for a long time dominating the manicure salons. The most fashionable was exaggeration and nails, which even screamed  “this is inconvenient!”. To this day we can meet admirers of very long nails, however there are also plenty of women who choose short nails. Short nails, first of all, are much more practical. Their very painting is no different from painting long. So which one to decide for and how to treat them?
  • 4 min read
French manicure, as you’ve probably already known, has a long history. It is an extremely classy and quintessentially chic manicure design that every woman had in her life at least one on her nails. The phenomenon of French manicure is not so obvious, however. There are women that cannot imagine their lives without it and ask for it every single time they go to the beauty salon. However, there are some that find French manicure a thing of a past. Who is right? Is French manicure still trendy and if so, what is the history of it? In addition if you’re curious, which occasion is the best to have French manicure on your nails and how to do it to achieve a satisfying effect – below you’ll find the answers for all of these questions. In the article you’ll find the information, what kind of nail polishes to choose and how to apply them correctly.
  • 4 min read
Bubble nails have been a hit on Instagram for a few days when it comes to nail art. We are not surprised, because they are so easy to make and the effect is brilliant! Seriously, nails look like a little piece of art. We guarantee that you can make this decoration. It is very, very simple and requires no artistic skills!
  • 4 min read

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