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Nowadays, during pandemic when almost all beauty salons are closed we need to take care of our skin on our own. When we try to do it at home, the effect is not as satisfying as it used to be, when there was a possibility to visit professional salons. That is why we decided to use products and cosmetics that will give us immediate and wonderful results. However, these kinds of products are not entirely safe if we don’t know how to use them properly. The situation is the same with retinol. A lot of people praise it for the way our skin looks afterwards. Yet, it is important to start using it just when we know how to do it. If you’re interested in the topic, read the article and find out all the necessary information.
Shopping for new cosmetics can be a daunting task. There are so many options and alternatives out there! Some of them are expensive, others are cheap, there are also some cheaper, yet equally effective alternatives to expensive skincare products. 
  • 5 min read
Wrinkles, loss of firmness, problems with color and pigmentation. It is best to prevent aging of skin than treating it. However, it is important to do it with the right formulas rich in active ingredients, you can turn back the clock. In this article you’ll find a lot of useful information on anti-aging face-creams and how to decide which one to buy. In addition, you’ll find out what are the features of mature skin and you will be able to decide what to apply on it.
  • 4 min read

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