Can you imagine a day or an evening event without make-up? Make-up makes us more comfortable with ourselves, helps to cover any imperfections on our face or neck. It also brings us a whole bunch of opportunities. Applying make-up we can become whoever we want. Make-up no make-up is the best option for a day – light coverage, glow and you’re ready to hit the world! However on any special occasions you can turn into an elegant and more sophisticated version of yourself. Nevertheless, to put make-up on there is a strong need of knowledge – which make-up brushes to choose. If you’re not a brushes-specialist, in this article you’ll find answers to your questions. We’ll tell you which brush is for what and how to use them in a proper way.

Which small make-up brush is for what?

There are plenty of kinds of make-up brushes, so sometimes, especially without an experience, it’s hard to choose the one. Below you’ll find some useful information on different types of brushes and what kind of cosmetic should be put on with the brush.

  • Foundation brush – this kind of make-up brush is one of the most common. Firstly, due to its purpose – it’s perfect to achieve flawless, airbrushed finish. Secondly, there are a lot of variations on these make-up brushes. You need to try if your foundation works well with the brush.
  • Concealer brush – it resembles a paintbrush a little bit. It is perfect for applying concealer under your eyes and for cream eye shadows – you can put them on your skin precisely.
  • Brow brush – brows are one of the most important parts of your face. Without them, you look quite pale and not healthy. That is why, the brow brush is worth buying, however it’s usually inexpensive, so go and get one for you.
  • Blending brush – it is used especially for blending eyeshadows and the softer the brush, the better make-up you get. It can be round or angled (then it’s called crease brush)
  • Flat eyeshadow brush – this is a typical brush for eye shadows. It is an essential tool if you want to make something more that make-up-no-make-up.
  • Pencil brush – smokey eye make-up is something safe and classy for the night – that is why pencil brush will help you. It is precise and you can create a soft line extremely close to your lashes.

There are also flat eyeliner brush (if you don’t use the one in a pen), lip brush (a must have for lipstick lovers) and lash/brows spoolie brush (to handle with your lashes or brows or to remove an excess of mascara).

Big make-up brushes – how to use them?

We’ve already discussed the small (in size, not in role) brushes and now it’s time for the bigger ones.

  • Powder brush – use it with more tapping than sweeping, cause the product will stay longer on your face in an unchanged condition.
  • Bronzer brush – if your skin is a little pale – use it to sweep all over your face gently – it’ll do the job.
  • Blush brush – just touch gently your chicks with it.
  • Contour brush – first touches should be tapping and then blending bronzer to the moment when the edges are no longer visible. So keep blending until the perfect effect.
  • Highlight brush – find your cheekbones and highlight it with an amount of the product that you love. Be careful not to go too much up, cause your eye wrinkles can become more visible then.

This group is wide and expensive. Due to the sizes of the make-up brushes listed above, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to have them all. And it’s nothing wrong. However, you can choose one or two that fit your need best.

So how you should use make-up brushes?

First and probably the most crucial thing is to use clean brushes. On the face of it you can say that it doesn’t really matters, cause you put the same product with one brush. However, if we take for example eyeshadow brush, remember that there are different colors in your pallet that can easily mix up with each other. What’s more and more important, If you use brushes every day, keep them sanitized to avoid any skin issues. We suggest to clean make-up brushes at least once a week to feel safe using them.