Nowadays, in an Instagram era, trends pop up like mushrooms. They are widely spread in a few minutes and in a few more there are a lot of amateurs of a given thing, style or beauty trick. The same thing happened to the lips. Women’s lips in general, to be precise. For a few years now, the most desirable lips are the full ones. And if the mother nature wasn’t generous for you – don’t worry. Thee are a lot of ways to achieve the goal. Have you already thought of lip injections? There’s no need of the invasive ways of making your lips bigger and fuller since there are lip plumpers. What are they and how to use them to get the desired lips? Below you’ll find all of the information and tips connected to lip plumpers. Are you ready to make your lips look finally they way you want to without any surgery? Let’s find out.  

Lip plumper – what is it?

Sensual full lips are every woman's dream. Now, you can have them in just a few seconds. Recently a number of products have appeared on the market that claim lip augmentation as their main feature. These are mainly lip gloss, possibly lipstick, of which lip gloss is also a part – generally so-called lip plumpers. These cosmetics have vibrating, tingling or cooling effects of varying strength and optically "inflate" the mouth. What are the main ingredients that work as an injection to your lips? They all contain mild irritants (capsicum that is an ingredient of chili too, cinnamon or menthol). They cause your blood to rush to the surface of the skin immediately after an application on your mouth. That makes them look so delicious and bigger than usual.

Does lip plumper really work?

To answer this question you have to admit to yourself what you truly desire. If you want to have lips like a barbie – unnaturally full and in a perfect shape – lip plumper won’t give you the effect. In this case there is one solution – a plastic surgeon. However, if you want to make your lips look bigger, fuller and more beautiful but in a natural way – lip plumpers are definitely the products you’ve been looking for. What’s more, you can be sure that there will nothing wrong happen to your lips or skin. There is no outside interference, so your lips after a few hours or a whole day will be back to normal. That is an extremely important aspect of lip plumpers, cause you can choose whether you want to have bigger lips today and the next day you prefer your natural ones. 

What lip plumper to choose?

Now, when you know what a magical lip plumper is and how it works on your lips, you are probably wondering what kind of lip plumper to choose. However there is no good answer for that question. There are different kinds of lip plumpers, so it only depends on you and your needs, which one will you decide to use. There are lip plumpers without any color that you can use solo or apply on your lipstick. This way your lips will be fuller every day no matter what situation you are in. Yet, there are also the ones that can not only make your lips look bigger, but also give them some color. Nevertheles, there is one thing to remember – all of the lip plumpers are in a consistency of a lip gloss, so your lips won’t be matte or velvet after using it. So be prepared for the fact that you lips will be a little bit sticky. However, it is worth taking the risk. What’s more, there is also one additional aspect that should make you happy. Lip plumper can not only maximize your lips. It also contains ingredients that hydrate and nourish your lips. So you can use hydrating lip plumper instead of any lip balm or cream.

Is an effect of lip plumpers long-lasting?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting effect of fuller lips – lip plumpers may not satisfy you. If you want a more noticeable, semi-permanent option, you'll need to look into injectable lip fillers. However, there is the best solution for this kind of situation. Before you try any professional ways of making your lips bigger – try lip plumper. It will show you the way your lips look like bigger. And, what’s the most important, how your face looks like with the bigger, fuller lips. Not every type of beauty looks good with big lips. Then, if you decide that you like your new image, you can easily decide for some kind of injections and stronger fillers. However remember to give yourself into professional hands not to hurt yourself. Bear in mind that it’s your face and lips, so you won’t cover it the next day if something goes wrong.