People tend to take care of their skin as much as possible if they don’t want to get old too fast. That is why we try to find a perfect, effective and cheap way how to achieve desired effects. And however there are plenty of possibilities, not all of them give results that satisfy everybody. One of the methods are too expensive. The others aren’t as effective as they should be. However, there is one method that will give you quick, long lasting effects of young, stretched skin with no wrinkles. And the best part is that you can get it totally for free! Face yoga, that we are taking into consideration has so many advantages that you should get to know all of them. Read the article and find out why it’s so important to start massaging your face every single day.

Face yoga – what is it?

Face yoga is a Japanese method of face exercises consisting of a holistic approach to the body. It combines elements of face exercises with proper breathing, body posture, elements of diet and the study of conscious facial expressions.

This is a natural way to slow down the age-related changes on the face. It gives a rejuvenating effect, reduces wrinkles, eliminates double chin, and also-to some extent-can reshape the face, for example, by accentuating cheekbones or lips.

Why is face yoga so effective?

On the face and neck there are more than 50 muscles. Face yoga teaches how to exercise, strengthen and relax them, not only to reverse the negative effects of the influence of gravity, but also to shape how the face will look in the future. Thanks to yoga, the face acquires a radiant, younger appearance without any external interference, in harmony with itself and nature.

The effects of face yoga:

  • Improves face oval
  • Reduces wrinkles (all over your face and neck)
  • Lifts cheeks without scalpel
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces the second chin and makes your jaw look younger
  • "enlarges" the eyes
  • Lifts drooping eyelids
  • Reduces bags under the eyes
  • Removes facial puffiness
  • Restores a natural smile
  • Reduces the effects of stress
  • Oxygenation body
  • Strengthens blood circulation
  • And thus nourish the skin
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Increases vital energy
  • Helps you get pleasant apparition

How often should you massage your face?

For many people, the effects of face yoga are a natural alternative to aesthetic medicine. Of course, each case is individual and each face requires slightly different exercises, as well as their intensity, but the most important thing is regularity. It is enough to practice 10-15 minutes twice a day, and often after about a month of such training you can notice the first results. Face yoga will be perfect for wrinkles-it will flush them out-it will make the skin firmer and get a healthy glow. This practice, properly applied, will also reduce bags under the eyes or improve the appearance of a sagging chin. Intensively practiced facial yoga will also perfectly affect the oval of the face.

Face yoga – is it good for everybody?

Face yoga is basically for everyone. There are no huge contradictions in doing those exercises. However, if you have very intensive acne or some other skin problems it would be better to consult your dermatologist beforehand. If there are open spots on your face it is better not to touch your skin at all. Otherwise you will spread bacteria around your face and cause some bigger problems.

First of all, before you start doing face yoga it is necessary to take care of your skin and its health. Only then you can start getting rid of any wrinkles or other signs of aging.

Tips on how to do face yoga at home

Of course, face yoga is based on a lot of different sets of exercises that can be found in various tutorials or on websites. However, it is worth starting with the basic and simplest ones, which will be the first step to regular training. Looking at the different practices of facial yoga, you can use special courses or YouTube channels, where there is no shortage of different kinds of presentations. However, there are a few basic exercises that are usually repeated in this review and are very simple.

The ideal facial yoga exercise for beginners, probably will not be a surprise to you. All you have to do is pronounce the vowels "A, E, I, O, U", of course, doing it loud and clear, like actors practicing before entering the stage. You can also enter a face yoga exercise, in which you raise your chin and mouth high to the ceiling, placing them in the so-called "beak". This way you will also ensure the elasticity of the neck skin. The method of facial yoga that will work on the so-called Lion's wrinkle, on the other hand, is to place your fingers between the eyebrows and the hairline and gently press and stretch this area. Of course, you will also find a lot of facial yoga exercises that involve the nose, will work on drooping eyelids or even shadows under the eyes. After exercise, you can spray your face with thermal water or your favorite mist.