Taking care of a skin should be your everyday duty. The thing that you never forget to do. Remember that a beautiful and impeccable skin is not a matter of DNA. That is why, if you don’t want to visit a plastic surgeon in a few years, try to do for your skin everything what’s in your power. Your daily skin care routine should be adjusted to your skin and its needs. So try to observe your skin and personalize it. However, there are a few basic steps and tricks that you should do, no matter what type of skin you have. Below you’ll find the list and not hesitate to use it to make your daily skin care routine as effective as possible.

Skin care routine – basic activities

In different articles and books you can find slightly different opinions and patterns on how to treat your skin every day. However, if you look closer, in almost all of them there are a few (basically 3) main steps that are obligatory to do both in the evening and in the morning.

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

These are the activities that you should repeat like mantra. Day after day and you’ll see the difference – in a positive way. Beauty routine should be seen by you as a chance to notice changes within yourself, so give it a try.

Cleansing – the first step of daily skin care routine

Cleansing is mentioned as the first step of the daily skin care routine for a good reason. Washing your face is the most important part of taking care of your skin. Please, bear it in mind once and for all! To reduce or remove all of the environmental pollutants, dirt and other factors that attach to your skin every day – you have to remove it gently in the evening. After removing your makeup (!) which is another crucial step of an everyday skincare routine, wash it deeply. This way you’ll avoid clogged pores, dullness and acne.

What kind of facial cleanser to use?

There is a connection between the type of your skin and the kind of cleanser you choose. It is important not to use the same facial cleanser that your friend or mum use because every skin is different and it has different needs.

  • Oily skin – choose some foaming liquid and remember not to dry your skin in any way! That is why try to avoid any alcohol in your cosmetics.
  • Sensitive skin – oil or any oil-based cleanser. If your skin is sensitive it requires a special treatment. Oil absorbs oil, so don’t be afraid to use oil-based products to clean your skin. It’ll thank you for using this kind of cleanser. You can choose argan oil cleanser or a pure oil like almond or avocado.
  • Dry and red skin – there are two types of products that are suitable for this type of skin. Cream and lotion. Creamy cleansers are formulated with emollients (e.g. shea butter) which not only clean your skin but also hydrate it at the same time. Lotions are lighter but still effective. If you don’t like as ich formulas as creamy cleansers use lotions instead.
  • Mature skin – melting balms will be the best for you. They are rich in formula and change into a liquid whilst using it. You can use it both to remove your makeup and clean your skin from any dirt.

There is also a micellar water which is suitable for every skin type. And what’s super important – it doesn’t need to be rinsed or rubbed. You only need to swipe your face with it. So swipe and go with a micellar water will do the job even during the day when you have a chance.

Toning – skin care second step

The second but also important step is toning your skin. You should also not forget about it in your daily skin care routine. And here the most crucial aspect is not to chose the alcohol-based ones. They only dry up your skin and do nothing positive. The toner is like a supplement to your skin. It nourishes it, help the other products to absorb better and balance the layer of your skin. It’d be perfect if there were alpha and beta hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, rose or green water or C and E vitamins inside. Not all in one product but try to find a perfect solution for your skin. Remember that toner should be put on your skin after cleansing and before putting anything else on it.

Moisturizing – last but not least part of skin care routine

Moisturizing is the last step but it’s as essential as the previous ones. It is important to hydrate and soften your skin and prevent water loss. You can moisturize your skin with serum, cream and mask. Try to find a perfect night cream but don’t forget about a day cream that will moisturize your skin before putting some makeup on. An eye cream is also vital to strengthen the thin skin around your eyes.  

And remember not to give up in a few days. Your skin needs time to accept a new way of being treated. What’s more it will definitely take some time for your skin to show you the results of daily skin care routine. However it’s worth waiting, so stay calm and keep repeating you everyday skin care routine in the morning and in the evening.