Every woman and man has different types of hair. However, there are a few similarities that allow us to distinguish several specific types. In general there are straight, wavy and curly hair. Each of them has its own special way of taking care of and we should follow some of the rules to have the most beautiful hair. If it’s about curly hair - it definitely needs much more attention than straight or wavy ones. In this article you’ll find all of the useful information about cosmetics that you should use for curly hair and hacks to treat them in the best possible way. 

Why is curly hair so demanding?

Curly hair is usually a very beautiful and unusual decoration of a woman. Ladies with straight hair often dream of such lush curls. However, to make them look good you need to properly care for them, which cannot always be easy. Curly hair is especially demanding, because, as one can think, it is not only just to "get up and leave the house". To make curls look good, you need to take care of them during each wash in a very thoughtful way. Improper care makes the hair look like hay and fluff and that is not the effect you are waiting for. Hair curls because their structure is different than straight one. They are lighter, so they can freely rotate and float.

How to treat your curly hair?

There is a bunch of useful information on how your everyday curly hair routine should look like. There are a few steps that you should follow every time you wash your hair.

  1. The first one is washing - Curly hair is often much more overdried and prone to breakage. Therefore, it is good to wash them with children's shampoos or only with a conditioner. It is worth using cosmetics as gentle and natural as possible, for example, organic.  
  2. The next step is nourishing. As it was said before, overdrying curly hair requires a very deep moisturizing. However it is important to choose the cosmetics that at the same time will not burden the hair. Once a week it is worth applying a rich, moisturizing mask on your hair. Then wrap them in a cap and a towel - in the heat the mask is better absorbed into the hair. After about 20 minutes, rinse the mask. You can also oil your hair from time to time. Such care will make the strands more shiny and strong. Good hair condition will also help you maintain the hair serum.
  3. Another thing to remember if you have curly hair is to comb it when your hair is still wet. If you break this rule, unfortunately, you can damage them and make them puff too much. It is best to comb the strands when there is a conditioner applied to them, so you can do it even in the shower. It will be definitely much easier and your hair won’t get hurt afterwards. For combing curly hair, you should choose a comb with widely spaced teeth. It's a good hair care trick!  
  4. Last, but not least thing to bear in mind is not to use a hair dryer - hot air is extremely harmful to curly hair. However, if you absolutely need to dry your hair quickly, then give up warm air and use only cool air. You can also use a dryer with a diffuser, that is, an overlay. However, the best way is to let your hair dry naturally. This way the natural curly structure is more likely to appear. In addition to avoiding the hair dryer, you should also put aside other devices that harm the structure of the hair. Leave curlers and straighteners on the shop shelves and let others use it. Of course, this step can be difficult for those women who sometimes like to radically change the hairstyle. If you are one of them, try to limit the use of curling irons or straighteners only for special occasions, such as when you go to a wedding.   

Curly hair - what cosmetics to choose?

Now, when you know what to do during your everyday curly hair routine it’s time to find out what kind of cosmetics to buy. Nowadays, when there are a lot of different brands and millions of cosmetics that can potentially be the best for your hair, it is extremely hard to decide. That is why we come with rescue. Try to choose only cosmetics designed for curly hair. It is good to reach for mousses that turn curls or smoothing creams. It would be the best if there are such ingredients inside: aloe or D-Panthenol, which strongly moisturize. What is also essential is to avoid alcohol-based products, which can additionally dry your hair. And as you already know, curly hair is naturally dry. 

As you can see, curly hair is demanding, however there are some proven ways to treat it. If you follow the rules, your hair will always look perfect and you’ll be definitely satisfied with the effects. Remember not to dry your hair with a hair dryer and to moisturize them with special cosmetics. Drink a lot of water too. It will let your hair moisturize from the inside as well.